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Muzicando is a card game that allows you to play 7 different games with other players, including games similar to: Mau-mau, Rummy, War, Solitaire, Bridge, Rentz, Whist.

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Card Games

Play 7 different card games, including memorising, skill and luck card games.

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Story Based

Play as one of 7 Musical Geniuses: Mozart, Liszt, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Paganini, Guido.

  • Mozart

Uncover the mystery of disappearing colors and sounds. Save the world before it goes gray and silent.

Card Themes

Unlock different card themes as you play to spice things up.

Play With Real People

Play with other people or with your friends online.

Compete For Highscore

As you win, you compete for the global highscore.