Sarabanda. Four player creativity and planning card game.

Try to get rid of all your cards first by planning ahead in this creative and fun card game.


Deal 14 cards to each player.

How to play

The first card played must be the note DO.

You can place a card down if it has a higher or lower value by one.

  • You can place musical signs on top a note if it has the same color and each side of that note is near another note. They block the next players:
    Flat sign blocks the player to your right. Natural sign blocks the player to your right and the one to your left. Sharp sign blocks the player to your right. Quarter rest sign blocks all players until you pass.
  • Player can also pass, only if they have no more moves to do except for musical signs.

Win condition

The first player that remains with no cards gets first place. The game however continues until all players finish, each receiving their own place.

Full Playthrough