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Muzicando is a card game that allows you to play 7 different games with other players, including games similar to: Mau-mau, Rummy, War, Solitaire, Bridge, Rentz, Whist.

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With a fresh new pack of Muzicando playing cards you can play 7 different types of card games.

Memo. Two player memory card game.

Test your memory by matching cards together in this fun but challenging game.

Melota. Two player skill card game.

Try out your skills in this easy to learn and rewarding to master game.

Gama. Fun four player card game.

Place cards down following the musical scale, while trying to guess what card will come up next in this fun and easy to play card game.

Sarabanda. Four player creativity and planning card game.

Try to get rid of all your cards first by planning ahead in this creative and fun card game.

Glissando. Four player strategy and thinking card game.

Try to get rid of all your cards first by thinking what move you should make and when in order to trick your opponents.

Parada. The musical scale in a card game.

Have fun rebuilding the musical scale in this original, interesting and fresh card game.

Muzicando. A new game of cards. A winning strategy.

Get ahead of the other players in this intuitive and new card game.