Gama. Fun and exciting four player card game.

Place cards down following the musical scale, while trying to guess what card will come up next in this fun and easy to play game.


Deal 7 cards to each player.

How to play

The first card played must be the note DO.

You can place a card down if it has a higher value by one.

If you play a dotted card, the next player has to either draw two cards or also play a dotted note. The number of cards drawn stack up.

Musical signs can be placed on any card and have a special effect:

  • Sharp Sign(♯) allows cards with value higher by one.
  • Natural Sign(♮) allows cards with value that match.
  • Flat Sign(♭) allows cards with value lower by one.
  • Quarter Rest(𝄽) allows any card.

Musical signs also block players:

  • Sharp Sign(♯) blocks the next player.
  • Natural Sign(♮) block the next and previous player.
  • Flat Sign(♭) blocks the previous player.
  • Quarter Rest(𝄽) blocks all players until you pass.

Win condition

The winner of the game is the first player to have no cards.

Full playthrough